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All By Herself

This spicy Latina nympho is rubbin' the bean while thinking about your big hard burrito! She's got such a caliente pussy, you'll need a glass of water to cool down after you watch this bean rubbin' babe!

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Rubbin' The Bean

Eva Ramone is the kind of naughty girl your mama warned you about, but the second you see those panties slip off you're going to forget you even had a mama! This lovely Latina is doing all the dirty things you read about in Penthouse, and now you get to watch!

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Your Mama Warned You...

Sonia finally has a night to herself, and no one is around. What ever is she to do, she'll go bananas is she doesn't cum soon... it's been almost 3 whole hours since her last orgasm! Go bananas it is as she realizes how attractive a piece of curved fruit can be!

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Go Bananas

Tyla had no chance today and nobody wanted to fuck her. So she had to back off and take her favorite vibrating dildo and slide it into her wet dripping coochie, whike thinking about your big shaft.

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Tyla Wynn Fucked by Her own Dildo!

Mistress Aradia is here to punish and train the weak, the disobedient and the gluttonous little sluts of the world. This one has a sweet tooth, and the naughty little slut just can't control it! Mistress Aradia will serve up some sweet pain for this little piggie!

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Sweet Slave

A slave should know better than to beat her mistress at any games, especially billiards. This poor insolent slave is about to get a lesson in how fast a victory can turn to defeat.. and how a pool cue can provide all kinds of pleasure for this little bitch!

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Bad Billiards Bitch

Poor Kayla, she's stumbled into the trap of Mistress Aradia, and now the Mistress of the spiders is going to tease her fly. Kayla is helpless to resist the allure of pleasure and pain that Aradia is giving her.

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A Fly In The Web

Kayla loves the spotlight, so when Mistress Aradia asks her to dance, Kayla is eager to please! Her Mistress thinks Kayla is a little too stiff, so she's going to loosen up her flesh with a swift lashing. Now that Kalya has relaxed, the real dance can begin!

The Dance

Lexi the kitty has lost her tail, and this poor little pussy just doesn't know what to do! Good thing her Mistress has a cat o' nine more for her sweet little pet. Mistress Tan can't let her Eeyore like ways slide without a stern lashing with her pizzle, so that this pussy never loses her tail again.

Kitty Lost Her Tail

Mistress Aradia is inspecting her new slave girl, Charlie Laine. Will her young and ripe body meet Aradia's strict guidelines for perfection? Or will she have to be whipped into shape with her Mistress's pizzle of pain?

The New Slave

Come watch a blonde ride a dick in her military uniform! She's a sucker for big cocks, or was it that she loves to suck cocks? Either way, she will make you want to cum all over those beautiful tits!

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Betty and Yvette know what's best for you, I mean, they're nurses right? So sit back and let them blow your problems away!

Two Nurses Blow His Fever Away

This poor girl was interned in this dirty room and put in a straitjacket by mistake... or just to be taken advantage of! Here she is getting fucked really hard by her nurse and doctor!

Straitjacket Girl